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This week… we have LOLITA by Vladimir Nabokov for an unabridged version.

The audiobook is narrated by my favourite voice, Jeremy Irons, who is famous for his role of Pope Alexander VI in The Borgias. He has also narrated Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The actor, in fact, was in the movie that came out in 1997. I haven’t watched the movie yet but the novel was quite disturbing.

When we read about child abuse or sexual abuse, we usually read it from the victim’s POV but this is the first time I have read something from the abuser’s POV.

The narrator (Jemery Irons) has done a splendid job in expressing the feelings of a paedophile and how his mind and body stir with sensation on just the sight of young girls, as young as three. Though it made me sick to navigate a paedophile’s mind, it also made me realize that we don’t know how many are out there, that surround our children. It could be as close as their uncles and cousins and we’d never know about it.

Children are innocent and they might not even realize that they are being molested or just by sitting on someone’s lap, they are providing them with sexual pleasure. It is quite disgusting that our society, and especially men think that way, but reading the book has given me more awareness, that I watch my surroundings for my girls and see the expressions of men around them.

As a mother, it is my duty to watch the silent and secret molesters around my children so I can protect them better.

The book gave me insight into how the mind of a paedophile works, even the sight of a little girl wearing a short dress, or shorts in which she is showing her thighs (where she doesn’t even know she is inviting a paedophile) evokes sexual desires in him.

I know some people think that ‘dress however you want’ is a synonym for freedom but sometimes only your appearance is sinful enough to tempt anyone—not that the child or even a woman has any intention of tempting anyone, but sadly, in our society, some men carry this sick desire to satiate their appetites through children. If you get a chance to read/ listen to the book, do it.

Though sickening but highly recommended!

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